you we'll know show you how to how to design lead

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    No its an intelligence test!
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    This is kind of hipster motivational quotes 😐
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    you may know how to design, but they fucking don't.
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    You? We'll no (people say this in Scotland) show you how to *stutters* how to design lead.
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    To be honest, they didn't claim they know how to design...
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    Its reads perfectly if you go vertically or by colour
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    Reminds me of something.. :v
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    @nicholai didn't notice the color one
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    @nicholai the color is so eye-catching, I didn't notice vertically.
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    Am I the only one who thinks this is actually very good design?
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    @wesaka yes. By default, English readers usually read left to right. No divider makes reading it weird, much like the above walking dead still. At least put a line in between them for clarity
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    @iam13islucky I actually read it left to right first time, took me a couple times of rereading to get it. But when I got it, I thought, man, is this some clever shit. You can read it by color and as a column. Nice.
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    Designed by yoda
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    Maybe it should say:

    "We'll teach you how to lead. Please teach us to design"
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    Literally a simple vertical line down the middle would've made all the difference, yes, I DO know how to design
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    @Dittoslash see you, see design lead pal, see us, we'll no show nahen, by the way.
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    @nicholai it's an anti-Turing Test.
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