I was trying to set up my own "cloud" for iot experiments. I planned to use Intel Edison with mqtt broker (using mosca) and a node js app for providing API for mobiles and browser. And also to do other book keeping.

I spent the half day trying figure how to expose these servers to internet.

I configured ddns in noip.com and ddns settings configured to it in my router.
Port forwarded to the local server services I needed.

And then tested. Worked perfectly on any device in my router connected network. Tested on mobile network. Bam! It fucking doesn't work.

Then connected another router.
Double port forwarded. Again worked perfectly on router network. And failed on mobile.
Tested if ddns is right. Did nslookup it was fine as fuck.
Then disabled port forwarding. Did dmz. Nope. Nadda. No luck.

Then scratched my head so hard that I lost more already losing hairs.

Then remembered about router hardware firewall. Disabled it.
And there it didn't work.
My dreams shattered like a fucking deer hit by car on highway.
Didn't work.
Then I see the IP pointing to my router in nslookup. Its 172.20.xx.xx. Its a fucking private IP.

My Asshole ISP is running another private network behind firewall. Which I fucking can't port forward
Now I think how much of a noob and idiot I am. Fuck this shit. Fuck all of these shit.
I am going for SaaS option for mqtt broker.
(Or help me?)
Once again.
Asshole ISP.
Fuck your firewall.
(PS: I had test the next day. FML)

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    If an ISP had everything opened wouldn't that put the entire network at risk?
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    @tisaconundrum before I had an ISP( one of India's largest). Who had allowed to do what I wanted exactly . I.e directly allow me to port forward without hassle. :(
    I am still learning networking so I am not sure how it works at that level
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