This is completely unrelated to programming, and it's completely formulaic pseudo-pop but god damn if I can't stop listening to this song I'm probably gonna go deaf, insane, or both:


Anything with brass, trumpets, just is absolutely catchy to me. Makes me want to get up and fucking dance till I drop.

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    If you know this is unrelated to programming then why would you go ahead and post it?

    Sir, this is a devrant.
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    What do you take me for? Someone who cares about rules or laws or conventions?

    Just listen to the music and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
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    @Wisecrack it was a joke dear sir.

    You go ahead and post whatever the fuck you want.
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    No worries. Got the joke. Tickled me pink.

    Thats a thing right?

    I hope it's a thing.
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    Dude im listening to bernie mac jokes right now lols. Hahaha. After this will be kevin hart.
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    Didn't actually hear much brass in the song, too much pop. Here something that is less pop, but with brass and IMO more class, do you like Arcana? Not as good via earbuds, it's where fat traditional tower boxes shine.

    Arcana - My Cold Sea https://youtube.com/watch/...

    Arcana - Repentance https://youtube.com/watch/...
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    "Didn't actually hear much brass in the song, too much pop. "

    Sometimes I'm just compelled to lie to see who's awake vs. asleep at the wheel.

    Mischief is my other name.
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