AWS write awful docs. The .Net SQS example code has spelling mistakes, bits missing and doesn't work.

Also would be helpful if it highlighted that the .Net Core implementation is fundamentally different.


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    Yeah, it's here there and everywhere. Java land isn't much better, there's two major versions of their SDK (incompatible with each other of course), docs covering bits of both without making it clear which version you need, and multiple ways of doing the same thing even when you pick one particular version of the library.

    Pretty much have to make it up & work it out as you go along.
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    Amazon. Will. Suck.
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    I haven't found a company with truly good documentation yet. Oracle loves to incorrectly mark required attributes.
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    AWS documentation has, on multiple occasions, actually straight-up lied to me.

    Of course, their competition sucks too. Azure docs are an incomprehensible mess. GCP might be better but I have little experience with their cloud services.
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    @EmberQuill GCP has actually been a bit better the few times I've used it - but Google has way too much of a track record of just randomly retiring stuff for me to recommend it in a production environment.
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    @EmberQuill We use GCP. They have good documentation unlike their other products (Gmail API).
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