Update Your Servers!
Critical vulnerabilities found on Win Servers via RD gateways. Here is a source for the proof of concept: https://github.com/ollypwn/BlueGate

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    Should have been fixed by the January updates, by now there is a proof of concept.
    Luckily it only affects the RD Gateway, not RDP in general.
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    "Update your servers"
    Arrrgghhh fuck what now

    "Critical vulnerabilities"
    Mother of god, I already got enough to do this week

    "Windows servers"
    Sweet, I'm out. See you suckers later.
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    I love that these things are so simple. Just a little Python script.
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    Everyone should already be doing updates to address CVE-2020-0601 (CryptoAPI spoofing) anyway.
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    @C0D4 Hahaha this was about literally my reaction 😄
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