I'm just going to graduate, and I got a job as S/W engineer(trainee) in a small (500 odd employees) company, which uses salesforce, SAP and sharepoint technologies! They are most probably gonna put me in salesforce or SAP. Is it good enough for `me`(read my background), I'm kind of confused, should I go for higher studies?

very average student, but swift at learning technologies, never really got interested in competitive (otherwise I had a real good chance in top companies), I kind of have good IT skills - proficient in python and angularJS, but recently I have got into ML and done some projects!
Okay here's the part, I know it's important for a fresher to be good in data structures, I'm indeed good in parts which I have used! I haven't used AVL tree in any of my projects so I don't know, nor I have ever used bitwise ops!
I think I want to get into roots of ML (some people say I'm fickle but IDC), I think if I take the above job I may loose my interests or may not have time, Please advice.
(sorry for the tags but I need advice from people for all these fields)

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    Take the job :)
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    @spl0 Any reason you wanna state ;) ?
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    @wolfram what is the pay? Can you tell us anything else about what the company does?

    Edit: I mean, how much could your salary offset potential suckiness of the job?
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    @ReturnVoid The currency is in INR but if you convert it to the scale (according to the cost of living - avg of US) it would be roughly 14000 dollars anually !
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    Is the company located in India ? Can you take the name ? I'm from India guess I can give you some idea
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    @wolfram looks gud to me ! That package is well enough in India ...I wud say good score 😊 Buy yea it depends on what your interest are ! Do u really think SAP is your area then go for it ..
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    Run away and never look back. No need to thank me.
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    @wolfram All experience is good experience. Every job wont give you exactly the technologies you want to use, but you'll learn something in each of them.

    Even if SAP and Salesforce isn't exactly what you have in mind at the moment, they're popular systems and no doubt you will come across them later. And when you do, you'll be glad you've seen them before :-)

    In addition, carry on with your ML/studies in your own time, sideprojects etc. Jobs are hard to get - see it as a step on the ladder and enjoy it.
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    @wolfram And by the way, don't worry about not having used certain theoretical data structures. The stuff you have already done (python, ML etc) proves you'll be capable of using any of them when the time comes. Same with bitwise ops - its not something everyone needs to use every day. You will use them when you need them. It will be fine - there is no need to worry about that.
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    @addvilz - run away? From what?
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    @spl0 yes I guess your are right, thanks :)
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