Just got an email with a new really nice douche-bag move from Postman to raise their prices again (this time for almost double) on their paid plans with excuse "it will help us deliver more of what our customers need from us."

Even though I've decided to look other way around for years on their electron-based garbage of bloated app, have not been a fan of their pricing 8$/month/user just for a simple feature such as sharing request schema and environment data.

This simply needs to stop and I'm seriously thinking about doing something about it. 🙄

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    Use insomnia.
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    Insomnia +1
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    @Cultist well I only see cheaper pricing and less features which is proportional with fact they're less popular option, and since I don't see the difference honestly. Its still electron based, and you still pay for data sync.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, just checked their homepage + github.
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    Import and be 100000% happier, and you don't need to write shitty scripts to chain request data.

    If you want sync, just add the workspace folder to git and pull/push if required. 🤷‍♂️
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    @myss you can import/export data if you donw want to pay. Its electron but its somehow pretty fast, they added a plugin system instead of a bunch of unnecessary functionality out of the box

    Edit also best feature ever: code generation
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    @myss ethics.

    Insomnia was released by a dood (Gregory Schier, @gschier) in 2014 because he couldn't find the proper cURL... and released it oss in 2017 as he felt there was a gap, despite his fear of judgement.

    The dood left his job in 2016 to dedicate his full time to it... for oss.

    Now it's part of Kong but it used to be a single brother trying to give back to the community with sweat and tears.

    Quality was on point from day 1.
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    8 dollars a month for a list of API calls?

    quick, someone create a similar product that is synchronized to a git repo.
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