Turns out I got paid mostly for deleting code in a year 2019.

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    You got paid for knowing what to delete. We ain’t all that smart.
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    @Zer0day nah I just work with this repo so long I know whole technical debt that was made mostly by me or on frontend.

    I clean up frontend the most I think and write features on backend that have more expressive language.

    That’s probably the difference.

    I had something similar last year.

    Still funny.
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    You got paid for getting efficient at what you do!
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    Was this refactoring? :P
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    You have self-upgraded to a Zen programmer!
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    Boss: well in that case!
    * docks wages *
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    Well in that case ...
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    Haha same like me , when I started i wrote around 10 lines for adding a functionality.
    Now when I go back and check the code
    I can rewrite same in 1-2 line .
    And yes I was like thinking , do I really wrote this much code previously 😂

    The cleaning is just a sign of good development,👌
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