i stare at my IDE the whole morning and pretend that im working

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    Paid by the hour then?
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    Yeah.. Peter, I'm gonna need you to come in on Saturday, m'kay..?
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    @CaptainRant great reference 😂😂 I'm fixing to watch that movie in a few hours
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    @Stuxnet Excellent! And when you're done watching it, make sure you leave a TPS report of it at my desk, m'kay? That'd be grreat.
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    My manager stares at Excel sheets and pretends he is working
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    @iBerserker maybe he's internalising data xD
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    Right now it happends to have my IDE open on my java assignment on my second monitor while browsing devrant on the main one. :))
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    This was basically me when I was doing the final project for AP CompSci Principles (it was the only option my school had). Booted up notepad++, told myself I was gonna work, had my duck ready and....

    I played tetris from a plugin I had installed.
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    @Clear0Ff haha! me too! exactly what i was doing
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    @LinuxMasochist maybe because u already had it all done in your mind, so u thought maybe u can slack off a little bit?

    because thats what i do lol
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    @LinuxMasochist damn having an ap comp sci must be cool lmao
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