Is anyone able to recommend a decent game engine that has an editor for Linux?

I've had a look at Defold and considered Unity but neither of them have usable UI's on Elementary OS.

Just looking for something to keeo me occupied till I can actually begin work on my custom engine...

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    Have you looked at the Godot engine? I have tried it on mac and windows, can't say for certain how good it will be on Linux, but might be worth a try!
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    @AleCx04 completely forgot about Godot, it does seem ok from what I've tested
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    @AleCx04 I've heard good things about it too!
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    I've tried godot on windows and lubuntu, both performs well
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    Godot +1, we use it on linux and its perfect
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    I develop in Godot on Linux. Works wonderfully!
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    You can use Unreal Engine 4. There's only an installer on Windows, however it's possible to access the repository and build it from source on Linux. But you'll need many space (around 60-80GB during the process)
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    UE4 works perfectly, you just have to build it. Took around four hours for me.
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    @CodeTalker @PrivateGER honestly not a fan of unreal in the slightest, it's bloated and resource hungry for no reason... Plus I'm a 2D Dev and unreal is as good for 2D as I am at completing projects
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    @lxmcf Bloated I don't know, but I know its render are magnificient, so obviously very resource intensive
    However if you were going for 2D then yeah maybe it's definitely not a good choice. As many suggested, Godot looks like a better match
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