Confession: a very important feature of the website I'm developping wasn't working for a certain time. The boss wasn't aware because he doesn't go on the site, and I only found out last week because I needed to implement a new feature that used the previous one. Problem: the bug was only on production, not on local (and of course we don't have test server).
I took advantage of the absence of my boss today to clear the situation by making all of my tests on prod. I hope no customer tried to pass a command today, but it's finally repaired. I am both proud and shameful.

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    @g-m-f feels good to know that. In my defense, I am an apprentice and my boss, who's also my referer, doesn't know anything about code (barely legal I know but I was boosted by my teachers). So I say to myself that if the site is down for an hour and he isn't okay with it, he just has to hire a senior developper ^^
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    Write tests. Please.
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    In my first job many years ago I didn't even get a dev environment. The entire site was built and developed in prod. Adding features on existing pages was painful for both me and the customers... Im still ashamed of that part of my life 😭
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    @Enocra Been there too
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