Why is it that every monitor i buy/use is subpar compared to an almost 10 year old lg "monitor tv" that my mom bought back then and was used almost non stop for 5 years?

Just spent 600$ on a samsung something something, its curved and freesync and whatever and then i put it next to the old lg and the samsung is so washed out and flickery.

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    This is kinda my experience with lg stuff tho, the tv i bought for like 150$ is the best one i ever had, it easily tops the 4k 120cm ones we have at the office.
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    because your mother bought it and you associate positive feelings towards that Monitor. So subsequently every monitor will be subpar for you 😉
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    Because you have to calibrate your monitors, especially the super cool ones. Also you might have that impression because your old monitor is oversaturated
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    @shoop i like @heyheni 's version more
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    Yep. That's Samsung. CF791 operated in the wrong colorspace and no way to fix it without translation. I've never had a Samsung I didn't have to hack the color profile for. Definitely not my fave.
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    Omg, I can't believe this - I too have a relatively cheap 32" LG TV that I've used as a monitor for god-knows how long been wanting to replace it with something newer but I just can't ... damn thing works just fine. Outlasted a Samsung SyncMaster monitor...
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    Do some research before you buy?
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    @electrineer "hmmm this one's box says it has awful colors, lets not buy it"
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    @yellow-dog I didn't mean reading the marketing wank but some independent reviews.
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    @electrineer tbh its not really about how bad the samsung is, im mostly colorblind anyways, its just how great lg screens are
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    check the pannel build type.

    TN pannel = washed out shit colors
    IPS pannel = better colors

    (rule of thumb)
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