Yeah.... I want to confess i like light themes better. Anyways the colour/theme of your editor does not make you a good programmer.

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    Are you even human?
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    @Ranchu would you like me to search for "Are you even human"?
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    @RISHABH1610 Ok google, play despacito on Spotify.
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    @Ranchu can he pass a captcha? Lol
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    Do you live in the tropic area? I might prefere white theme too, if there was so much daylight time and Sun light amount where I live.
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    A lot of people seem to think that white font over pitch black = easier on the eyes, even if the contrast is actually much higher (and therefore harder on the eyes).
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    I'm with you on that one. I find light/solarized themes easier on my eyes.
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    I know that light themes are better for my eyes when the exterior is also bright but... I can't lose the feeling that I lose focus using light themes...

    It's like dark: ok yeah that my code, I know whats what...
    Light: what is this... Is this mine? What does this do? Where am I?
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    @endor it's usually not pitch black, but gray, and the font isnt white. So the contrast is lower than white/black.

    Also, the white background produces much more light, which is not ideal in the evening.

    I dont know who the hell is spreading this silly idea, and why you guys are falling for it, and then calling us out like we're stupid.
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    Dark theme is much easier on the eyes when you're coding in a dark room like you should
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    I just really dislike any kind of color on white, my eyes don't really like it.
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