Me thinking that getting a job in tech is easier than getting a non-tech job because we are "in demand".

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    Guess that depends on where you are located then, I practically had companies scrambling to sign me and continually get contacted and I barely have experience and no education.

    How Sharp's your CV? Are you displaying your skills well and emphasizing your personal skills too?
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    Being in demand normally means the requirements are higher than that for "common" jobs.

    If the job was easier the supply-demand ratio wouldn't be so obscene.
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    @ArcaneEye my Linkedin profile picture is Microsoft Clippy and I still get bombarded with recruiters.

    No formal education past 18, university dropout, almost 10 years industry time now thought.

    Ten years? Fuck I'm getting old.
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    Exactly, that's why I question the grounds for the meme - if you have just something resembling qualifications, you're pretty much hired. Sure, supermarket jobs might be easier, except where I live there's a truckload of people applying to more low-educational jobs compared to programming jobs so in a sense, given you are on devRant, getting a job in tech can probably be easier.
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