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    Yeah, as if you're manually setting each colour as you type
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    I used 7 colored pens in high school, and drew plenty of little flowers and hearts in between my notes.

    The advantage was that most girls thought I was "a super closeted gay dude", resulting in me knowing *everything* about them, from their favorite restaurants to their filthiest fantasies, which in turn turned out to be valuable information in the high school dating market.

    Life lesson: The vast majority of girls prefer guys who don't pick overly masculine monochrome blue IDE themes. Don't be afraid to show off some pastel-magenta hues and a sexy but sensitive sans-serif... and maybe go for the rose-gold instead of the carbon fiber laptop cover.

    Before you know it, you'll have girls swarming around your desk, begging to let them help you exit Vim and drink pumpkin spice lattes together. I promise.
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    @bittersweet The things you learn at devRant...
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    You can past emojis in unicode in C++ comments. I tried using them for code, but the compiler hated them.
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    @bittersweet That is amazing! What’s it like to have a woman in your office?
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    @irene Serious answer: I have two women in my 7 developer team, and we have 23 female devs total in other teams (out of 89 devs). Most of them are frontend or app devs imported from India, China & Japan, although the women in my team are one giant muscled Ukrainian DB admin, and one tiny permanently intoxicated French machine learning specialist.
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    Frenchy sounds fun. Tell us more.
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    "I work in an animal groomers and we groom any animal. We only get dogs, cats, and the occasional rodent in our neighborhood."

    "I work in an animal groomers and we groom any animal. We get zebras, tigers, elephants, pandas, monkeys, and more!"

    "Wow interesting neighborhood."
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    @Wisecrack What is there to tell? She's a 25 year old college dropout, 1.5m, has fuzzy hair, and strongly reeks of whiskey.

    She worked on ML-assisted fluid/particle simulations for Disney, and during her interview she mentioned that her ultimate ambition at our company is to "isolate all humans on Earth in their own therapeutic VR environments, ran by benevolent AIs, for their own protection".

    So I hired her 🤷
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    @bittersweet Good move; would hate to think what kind of an enemy she'd make. Better to keep her close
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    @Wisecrack @wannabe @irene

    But I wrote rants about my team before. Well, not rants about my team. My team is awesome.

    The rest of the world... Joanna is right, the rest of the world should be isolated in little, controllable pocket universes.


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    @bittersweet over here playing 5D chess.
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    If you have to fight, you've already lost. Supreme victory is to win before the battle even happens.
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    Also. Yes. I do use multicolored pens.
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