Uploading an xslx file to office365 to download it as an ods file only to be able to convert it to a csv file via libre office.

Direct conversion attempts with other tools would either fail converting the xslx file or break cells' values (ssconvert, soffice --headless -c, gnumeric).

One of those things where I fail to understand why it has to be so complicated.

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    Excel : File => Save as => CSV.

    So earthier you are VERY bad at IT, or you just wasting work time for “imaginary technical holdups”
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    @NoToJavaScript Or you are assuming everybody runs Windows / MacOS. No Excel for the Linux users (unless you have a VM for it) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    If your clients / business requirements need Excel (Which is like 85% of time) then stop being in the “I’m better than you, I use Linux” mindset.

    Linux is fun to play with. It is not an OS for everyday business operations. At least MacOS has some version of Office.
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    @NoToJavaScript Please check your attitude. I neither claim to be better for using Linux. In fact, I use Windows at home on my gaming pc. I use Linux for work since 5 years, combined with other jobs, over 8 years. So it must do something right.

    I know that excel is a de-facto standard. That's why we have Office365. If the needs really arrives to use Excel, I will install a VM. If I can avoid it, I won't. It worked out for me.
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