Why can't they get power saving right? Every keyboard I have to pull out the sleep button. Once you press it that's it. PC is dead. Put to sleep.

Do I have to venture into the ancient forest and find a prince to wake it up?

Same thing with monitors these days acting all weird.

Can we put a wake up button on these things? They're backwards. At least have a screen explaining its waking up. The slightest indication.

If power saving is going to be such a hassle I'm going to turn it off.

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    I agree, bad UX
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    That's what the power button does.
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    when I had a new keyboard I wasn't used to the placement of the sleep button and I put my PC to sleep on a regular basis.

    playing a game? whoops, PC is sleeping now. can't wake up
    casually chatting? whoops, sleep button.

    it was... annoying to say the least.
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    The only keyboard that had a sleep button was on my Dell Inspiron from 2008.

    ++ For custom mechs :3
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    maybe the point of this is exactly to make you power your computer off.

    peak energy efficiency.
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    To my understanding sleep is an OS feature that prepends the whole memory to the pagefile, sets a flag and then powers off. Anything below OS level probably relies on a very specific partition table or at least a sufficiently sized swap partition to function correctly.
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