Complaints about how FE rendering is so slow when BE apis take forever to return. Working on performance projects and feel like you've done nothing at all at the end of each day.

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    Sounds like CYA should be job one.

    Establish a baseline latency below which you have no control and bring it up every time someone comes at you with a number you aren't responsible for.

    Outside of that, go out of your way to communicate back-end failure in the ui:

    - toasts that indicate an operation is taking longer than expected
    - fast get timeouts with connection issue notifications to the user
    - skeleton placeholders
    - slow network indicators
    - allow the users a means of sending status telemetry per issue containing diagnostic info that are autorouted to the backend devs so you don't end up triaging
    - use tools like logrocket to see what users are doing in real time per session and get error and transaction diagnostic interception

    Lastly, keep p-value statistics for call lengths, and p-values for reverse proxy/post Fe query transit to tell the whole story.
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    just render the layout full of "Waiting for response from backend" placeholders, and ajax-fill them as they come in. XD
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