PROBLEM: A tickets' company came to us last autumn. They said they have severe performance problems and asked us to help.
SOLUTION: covid and quarantines. All events have been ceased, noone's buying any tickets any more. Performance problems are no more. FIXED.

PROBLEM: Another company came to us recently. They said they have severe performance problems with their huge databases and asked us to help.
SOLUTION: a few days of heavy rain and their datacenter was flooded. along with the backup servers. No more data, no more performance problems with large databases. FIXED

Solving problems genie style!

Who's next?

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    Can you please talk to whoever you hired to solve problems, to stop it?
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    Not going to ask this guy to be my wingman and set me up with a girl.
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    I think some of our clients are having issues, can you take a look :P
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    I know some people that are in desperate need of your help 🙂
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    My boss want you help company - big competitor. Please you be consult them. Company name North Korea Government Ltd. My boss he give big money.
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    Oh, I'd send them an invoice. Fixed is fixed.
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    Haha, Registrų Centras? @netikras
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    @yehaaw yepp, you got one right :)
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