VIM users write hundreds of line code with thousands of ESC...

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    One thing I don't understand why people don't use texteditor like gedit, I know vim got some pretty good arsenal under its hood but it's time consuming and most of its functionality are not used and it get slows while pattern matching on very large text file.
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    CTRL+[ >> ESC
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    A) you can map more convenient keys to ESC B) if you really think that gedit is faster you don't know how to use vim....

    Vim is designed around a workflow where your fingers never have to leave the keyboard. This can be difficult for people to adjust to, but you can't make an informed argument that it's less efficient than gedit unless you've been able to master both (OK, master vim because gedit requires zero mastery)
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    @ReturnVoid there is a difference in smart way and hard way, it doesn't mean if it's hard then it's good
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    @ReturnVoid and I also started with vim, I had my experiences with vim. I am not saying it's bad rather it's overhyped
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    @shiv7071007 I didn't say vim was good because it was difficult, I'm not even going to make the argument that it's better than all others (which is too subjective), but of all the editors you could compare it to, I think to say that gedit is better indicates that you really don't know how to get the most out of vim. (Which isn't really a problem per se, I don't care what you use really)
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    @shiv7071007 just the most basic text/code editing features of vim like delete till char or replace or macros ( which am still trying to learn) already saved me a lot of time compared to colleagues using atom and sublime.
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