What does living with developers feel like?

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    All the good parts of a disposable mango net, but none of the hygeine?
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    You'll drown in arrogance.
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    Any appliance with the word "smart" in its description is banned.
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    @momad no smart coffee for you then.

    Wait you're not @nomad 🤦‍♂️
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    My wife and kids think it's awesome.
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    They will ask their girlfriend to commit to a relationship and pull her career up so that both of them can stack money and she can push a baby out. Then, new little ones will come out that have features and they will each branch out into their beautiful little lives until you can tag them for a new release.

    Just kidding.

    Living with a developer depends on their personality. Living with me is living with a paradox: someone who likes rules and regulations on most aspects of life, but hates those in other aspects.

    In general, a developer will want a lot of me-time, for they need to feed their inner creativity. Sometimes you will see them frustrated. Sometimes they will appear to be day-dreaming but they're in fact philosophizing.
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