Code review time.

"How come this line has been removed? PEP 8 likes to have two lines between imports and the first bit of code"

What I replied: Thanks. I'll put it back.

What I wanted to reply: Go fuck yourself you anal moron, who the fuck gives a shit about bollocks like that. We got fucking proper work to do, so get the fuck over yourself, let the fucking PEP shit lie, and make some fucking USEFUL comments.

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    Whitespace Matters
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    I would also reject your code, sorry not sorry
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    If there is a written code standard you should follow it and if you do not it is a valid cause to reject the CR.

    If its just some ones personal preference and not and agreed on standard, I agree with you that it should not be a valid reason.

    It can feel ridiculous but if its written down there just might be a reason for it and if you disagree with the standard then bring it up as a separate topic.
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    Always follow the standard.

    The other half of that is, "if it's important enough to be a standard, it's important enough to enforce with tooling"
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    @SortOfTested I wonder if there are scripts available to enforce PEP8 (or portions of it). Probably just an import somewhere.
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    Pylint and autopep8?
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