Scala would say:

Java is my dad and I am the smartest kid. I will be a big man one day.

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    In this hypothetical family where is Kotlin? And is C# the cool uncle that the kids always want to hang with?
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    And what would that make of Javascript?
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    *Clojure looks up at the smartest comment, returns to reading.
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    Haskell knew it was perfect for the job, but it couldn't match type a0 with [Prism]
    a0 is untouchable inside the constraints (Iso ~ Iso) bound at a pattern with constructor F :: F Iso, in a case alternative in the pattern: F In a case alternative: F -> return prism in the second argument of ($), namely case F of { F -> return prism }, at which point the developer, staring into the abyss of insanity, devoured the laptop whole, in the hopes of absorbing the secrets of type system perfection.
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    Mom, the tv is trying to open the portal to hell again!
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