Fuck it, I'll learn Rust.
The syntax looks otherworldly, but it's supposed to be nice and fast, which I currently need, so...

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    When I started learning rust, I had no idea that Algebraic data types was a thing: https://doc.rust-lang.org/std/...

    When I got that, the Result and Option types made sense...

    Also, the compiler is a real bitch before you get to know it :)
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    @olback That makes a lot more sense.
    Although I still can't get used to the match {} syntax. ^^
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    @PrivateGER it's a switch/case statement on steroids.
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    @olback And it looks a lot uglier at that.
    Needing to run a function inside the match statement to assign the value (?) to the variable just seems incredibly wonky to me.
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    Don't do it! It's only good for you and will make you a more well rounded programmer!
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    Rust is awesome, definitely do it
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    The syntax is neat.
    It reminds me of a C++ with some Ruby, and a little of JS and maybe even Haskell.
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    Rust is the first language I've seen in my 25+ years as a dev where I feel like perfection is being approached.

    The only drawback is the steep initial learning curve.

    But Rust makes very few compromises when it comes to performance, language features and use cases. Usually, languages are either ugly, low level & high performance; or generic and sexy but slow — Rust is the first one which can be used as an alternative for both C system drivers and NodeJS microservices.

    I'm working at a company with a scary 32 million lines-of-code PHP monolith, a few hundred Python scripts and just as many Golang & NodeJS services — Rust is starting to replace all 4 of those in key places, especially high volume finance stuff.

    Again, steep learning curve & ability to hire large teams keeps it from making all other languages obsolete, but when you need a solid & fast strongly typed language without a garbage collector, there are very few reasons not to use Rust.
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    Wait till you learn about lisp
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    @bittersweet Couldn't agree more!
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    I said the same thing a few years ago with ruby
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    I was thinking of learning rust and this thread just made me want to learn it even more. I've only heard good things about rust so far and damn it sounds good, now I just need a project for it...
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