When the domain you want to buy has been taken from a domain-dealer who takes ownership of unused domains. When that dealer sells it for more than 10.000€ but also would accept ... 70€?🤔 When you see that the offer decreases automatically a couple 100€ every once in a while. Let's see how cheap it can get ...

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    Hunt them down and beat them until they give you the domain. Domain squatters are scum.
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    I've lost a domain to these fucks before, 5 year old domain, owner (not me) didn't renew it but was also uncontactable and squatters picked it up and threw it under a landing page for $10k.

    I had it on back order for when it dropped but somehow didn't get it.
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    @C0D4 damn😐
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    @SortOfTested somehow this is legal. I checked that company and it seems this business model is legit and that no law prohibits it. Nevertheless rip off.🙄
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    @cb219 that was not the words I used on their contact form 😂

    But never received a response either.
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    Please note, I in no way asserted my course of action was legal. Just that they deserved it. 😌
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    @SortOfTested are you sure? an eye for an eye😏
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    @cb219 That depends on the country. While you can't out someone in jail for that in France, there are definitely ways to get your domain name back. Belgium also has some laws regarding cybersquatting, as far as I know.
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    @Jilano I won't aim for any legal issue, it's not worth it. Just wait and see how the offer will evolve. Otherwise just forget about it.
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    Dont most domains habe a lease time, where domain is in the limbo?
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