Hi everyone,

We're currently experiencing major issues with the devrant.io domain due to another outage/problem with .io domains themselves. More info here: https://news.ycombinator.com/item/...

The issue is also being reported on twitter.

If you receive a host not found, connection error, etc. connecting to devRant, this is why. We'll keep you updated and in the future we will probably be switching away from .io at least for our API.

Thanks for the patience.

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    Ha! I was not wrong, thought IT blocked devRant

    Though it is awkward mobile app went back online 10 minutes before the website was back accessible aren't they both on same domain?
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    And these domains to expensive for this shit.
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    RIP .io, many people are moving away from them now
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    @gitpush Right now they are
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    @filthyranter strange, how could mobile be working while website remains offline if both are on devrant.io
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    The issues are intermittent. Sometimes the name servers are returned correctly and sometimes they aren’t.

    Which is why the app is generally usable but at times the host will go missing :/
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    $. sudo echo " devrant.io" >> /etc/hosts

    Thug Life
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    @kurtr haha that’ll fix it!
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    We upped our TTL which should help somewhat.
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    Huh, that explains the docker.io problems I was seeing. What do you know, procrastination paid off!
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    That explains why I couldn't see the Material Icons documents
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    This rant solved developers mystery for today 😂
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    @dfox hey bud, quick question that’s totally off topic. When uploading a picture, is the exif data automatically stripped? If you’d like to reply via email let me know. Thanks, just wondering.
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    @AnonyOps it is stripped from the version of the image we show because the image is read in, verified, and scaled so exif is gone.
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    @dfox awesome, thanks!
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    @daegontaven this was from a couple of days ago. Everything should be working now.
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    @daegontaven thanks for reporting, I will investigate.
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    @daegontaven can you please try again? I think I fixed it, please let me know. Thank you!
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    @daegontaven same error?
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    @daegontaven looks like it posted successfully: https://devrant.io/collabs/858391/...
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    @daegontaven thanks will look into that
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    That moment when you don't have to test in production because your user base does it for you lol
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