Will any of the AWS certifications help in getting a devops role ? Also, what would be the learning path for someone looking to get a job as a devops engineer? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Depends on the org. Plenty of places will just relabel admins as devops engineers. Those places fail.

    To get truly good jobs, you need some CS background, networking, ci/cd infrastructure and some cloud experience more than certs. The certs are just a job application check box, they're meaningless for actual work. Degree in CS is also helpful.
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    @SortOfTested for a guy who has worked as a front end Vanilla JS and Angular developer for 2+ years with some back-end in Node and Java, what would be the learning path then?
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    @newandroidfan python, administration level bash, Linux, general networking, docker, salt stack, chef, puppet, k8s, ci/cd principles, Jenkins, automated test integration, red/green strategies, distributed configuration/secrets management, general service infra architecture, security (ssl, auth, oidc, saml, jwt, etc), general cloud paradigms, AWS/azure.
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    @newandroidfan one does not just wake up one day and become a devops engineer.

    You'll need a wide range of expertise as @SortOfTested has mentioned and be familiar with most, if not all of them plus AWS services.

    Getting the certs wouldn't hurt as this will give you insight into the different services offered by AWS.

    Usually get a role that's more full stack and push towards the devops side of things to gain the expertise your missing.
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    I find it really fucking weird that some companies explicitly hire "DevOps-Engineers". DevOps isn't a person's role or a title... it's just the way by which you handle dev and ops 🤷🏻‍♂️

    To your question: since you're already a Dev getting a cert won't hurt but it will definitely NOT BE ENOUGH. When my old company Made the changes to become more DevOps-ish some of my colleagues also did the aws certs. @SortOfTested got you covered
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