Ya boy is now officially an intern! I'm starting next week, everything is sorted except one thing: we have to bring our own computers and basically get to use whatever software we want. I've got a fresh install of Mint and was wondering what IDEs or editors everybody here uses (and recommends), since I only really have a bit of experience with Atom and Netbeans, and I don't think I'll be able to get away with coding in Notepad++ or Gedit here.

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    Obligatory Neovim comment here.
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    Obligatory use linux comment here
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    In all seriousness tho, Intellij IDE's and vscode are great

    Do you also get to decide the stack?
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    @alexbrooklyn + on IntelliJ
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    I vouch for VS Code.

    Also; why do you have to bring your own pc for an internship? Isn't it normal that the company provides the stuff needed for an internship / employment?

    At least in Germany it is.
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    Jetbrains stuff.

    IntelliJ for java. Community is fine, full is awesome

    mint+intelliJ is my daily driver too :)
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    @netikras mint is my drugs as well 💉
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    In order of decreasing power (and effort), and increasing prettiness and handholding: Vim, Sublime, or JetBrains.

    All three are good choices.
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    Intellij and vs code
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    I mean go full nuts mode on the other workers.

    Show you are a fucking man.

    Go with NANO.

    No syntax highlighting shit. I mean who needs that ?

    All that fancy crap.

    Its just you and the PC.

    OK joking aside. While NANO would be good choice still go with Vim if you want to still show you know shit or just use VS code.

    All 3 will do their job fine.

    And to the people who say you cant code in NANO.

    I use NANO to code often as i dont have the fucking time to set up project for fucking VS code auto build.

    And if you know how to use terminal you can just do nano test.c && gcc test.c -o test && chmod +x test && ./test and once you close terminal after edit it will build it. Ofcourse replace the commands as needed but the basics are there.
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll give IntelliJ and VS a go before I start. And while I've actually had to use Vim a couple of times before, I'd rather not be fighting my editor on top of everything else on the first day on the job.

    also @Haxk20 congratulations, you've made Nano sound convncing
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    @sudo-woodo and your OS? 😏
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    @alexbrooklyn I mentioned it in op, Mint
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    @sudo-woodo oops didn't notice that, nice!
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