I accidentally opened my website with IE...

Yea, never doing that again

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    I know how you feel...
    I did that too last Saturday... still waiting to close it again.
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    what about actually coding it compatible?
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    @sebastian pffffft like I would spend precious hours making it compatible when noone uses IE?

    Oh wait, lotta people use IE... Ok maybe you have a point
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    @applejag Or code it valid to a older standard, that is also HTML5 compatible (thus code according to HTML4 but exclude HTML5-depreciated options). You don't need to spend hours tweaking it, and it will still work on like flawlessly on IE7@xp and forwards.

    Yeah, you site might not get as eyecandy'ish, but heck, functionality and compatibility is more important than beuty.
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    I don't have IE in my computer so I'll stay agnostic
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    @applejag just curious, is your IE finished opening yet?
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    @BikerMouse I'm surprised it has, I mean it only took it around 60 days. Gotta be that I'm so good at optimizing 😎
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