Internet Explorer:
You type a local IP without the protocol.
It doesn't add http automatically.
It doesn't add https automatically.

I freaking hate IE

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    You see ie just doesn't like to take orders, it likes to Explore
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    Many years ago, before omniboxes were a thing, it just gave you an error. And it was only web developers who knew why. I spent ages one day with an experienced back-end dev colleague who couldn't wrap his head around this no-default-protocol nonsense.
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    @sambid Do you run a website? Is it for the general public? If the answer to both of these is yes, you better check your site works in IE. There are other reasons, but this is the main one.
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    @sambid Because some believe IE is still the only browser. It's such a sad life not being tech-savvy...
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    Firefox does the same.
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    @sambid Have fun getting your site IE 8 compliant (gladly the only sites I have are my own so I don't give a flying fuck about IE)
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    Same with Safari since it went to an omnibar, annoyingly. ***HATE*** omnibars...
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    What! Never tried that on IE ! Haha
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    @sambid corporate environment ... people don't give a damn about it being up-to-date as long as it complies with their restrictions.
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    I have to test on ie11 and yes people still use it :(
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    @sambid Indeed, so to sum it up,

    IE = Sadness to all :'(
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    *flies away*
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    What uhm.... What did Bing find?

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