Pals, can you recommend some good games for the Nintendo Switch?
I already own
Mario-Kart 8 and
Breath of the wild.

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    I've finally been playing through Dark Souls 'cuz it's mobile.
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    The Messenger
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    lol, this makes sad, as if there’s no actual games to recommend.

    remember when Nintendo was the game publisher king lol
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    Astral Chain, definetly.
    Absolutely great imo
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    Stardew Valley, Octopath Traveler, Fallout Shelter, Dragon Quest Builders, Minecraft, Deltarune, etc.

    There are plenty of other games that I see Youtubers play that looks good but I never played them so I don't want to recommend. You can check out The Basement on Youtube. They game a lot on the Switch.
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    Hollow Knight, Dead Cells, the Messenger, Hollow Knight, Stardew Valley, Moonlighter, HOLLOW KNIGHT
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    Octopath Traveler made the game.
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    I enjoy Fire Emblem three houses. And 'Rogue Bit' is a fun title and currently on sale iirc.
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    @bahua Not sure why you didn't mention it, but Hollow Knight is a gem
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    NTSC, I don't know any.
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    I heard xenoblade chronicles 2 and dragon quest Xi are great games
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    TLOZ : Breath of the Wild.
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