Reminded me of the good ol' days while moving house

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    Wow you were missing for 2 years!
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    What happened to those days?
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    Shame on you for leaving.
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    @shoop huh! Didn't realize I was gone for that long.
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    @billgates dunno, work and life got in the way.
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    @Root sorry 😔
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    @Root im sorry for leaving too
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    @tahnik got married, have kids? Maybe that's why I'm still around... Have neither thought being a bachelor is pretty nice.
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    @billgates have neither either 😁
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    @tahnik actually I guess I know what you mean. I also left for maybe 6 months or so from changing priorities and interests. At work basically just cruising along, not doing any more big side projects and sorta feel out of touch with devrant... Maybe cuz a lot of the earlier members disappeared...

    Thought actually u guys just changed ur names. But yes nothing much to rant about either.

    Or just growing old... No longer the young 20yo techies. Haven't read my Fast Company mags in awhile...
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