Combo box to select numbers.
On mobile.
Between 0-9999.

Good luck!

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    How do you even make sure you got all the options when this was written?

    And also this person can go the the special place in hell
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    This would be funny if it weren't true.
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    This is the hell version of the 9000 html option tag post xD
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    @sylar182 shuffle(range(10000))
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    what the heck is it ordering by?
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    0384 follows 0383. The end is near.
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    @jiraTicket Beautiful code to beautiful UX design!
    (With beautiful time complexity, of course)

    while (comboBox.items.count() !=
    10000) {

    do {
    itemToInsert =
    } while (comboBox.items
    .indexOf(itemToInsert) != -1)

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    What fun!
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    Tips: force the softkbd to appear : in some keyboards, for example hackers keyboard, have a force button that can be put in notification bar.

    Then "type" the number in the "air" on the softkbd, while having the dropdown opened. Voila, correct number. (might not work on all devices or browsers)
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    Hilarious. Good april fools joke
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