Going grocery shopping at 3 am since you can't sleep >>

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    You can buy them at 3 am?! Do you live in berlin?(retorical question)
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    @stop Walmart is 24 hours lol
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    @Stuxnet that's crazy
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    ours cut back to 130 this past fall, I was so pissed. 2-3 am was my regular shopping hours. Literally the only time you can get in and out of there quickly and without seeing 10 people you know.
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    Been there, done that
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    @Stuxnet you are a much braver than me.I don't dare go OUTSIDE
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    @VINDIC Eh I had a knife on me in case I needed it.

    Plus it is was raining so I knew nobody would be out there
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    @Stuxnet rain, more like monsoon. Im gonna be stuck at the house all weekend. Not that i'm complaining or anything.
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    @M1sf3t just got a flashback to hurricane Florence lol
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    that's funny, hurricane detail was exactly what I was thinking when I was sitting their arguing with the cop about whether or not I could drive back through it to get home. It was up to my floorboard by that point
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