Okok i cant find a decent solution on this so have to ask you guys; i have 2 ubuntu servers atm. I need to transfer some few mysql data from s1 to s2 when i press 'send' on my main site. So its available to use on s2 and then back if needed. How can i do this properly and secure?

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    You can add each other's servers in the firewalls. Then you can use simple mysql commands to transfer data.

    Then you authenticate each other based on IP.
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    mysqldump -u user -p -h server1.domain.tld dbname | mysql -u user -p -h server2.domain.tld dbname
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    Nice. And who said devRant is only for ranting? 😀
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    Thanks alot guys, ill try now 😊 this is full of experienced guys so gave it a shot 😆
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