I'm leaving my current job in a week. What is a great prank I can pull off on my team before/after leaving the company?

I'm more interested in a long con which plays out slowly after I leave (maybe on April fool's?) Please share if you got any cool ideas or experience.

Context: I designed and built a web app which is used to manage stuff (CRUD) related to my project internally.

I would really love to hear some funny and non-destructive suggestions.

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    Tag if you if know any prank gods below
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    @rutee07 Please share as long as it's funny. It's up to me to decide if it's too destructive for my team or not :)
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    Put a cronjob in one of your servers that will run on April fools that will trigger a script running requests that will be logged as errors into your teams log server. Your team will be alerted. You might write some nice message into the log that reads "I enjoyed working with you lot of cunts" or sth Like that. Maybe encrypt and sign the log with your old company wide known keys

    Edit: you will need a Log Server and somehow need to give a hint to them to try your keys
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    Shit in the ventilation
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    @yellow-dog simple but effective 👌
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    Last time I made a cron job on a mate's desktop that added a copule of lines on his .bashrc file the monday after I left... These lines printed on the terminal Sans' face (the Undertale character)

    It didn't work at the end because he installed zsh 😢
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    Setup an armada of request bots that hit your servers with requests using user agents like IE6 on Win 95.
    If thats the #1 ranked browser, maybe some management wonk will actually mandate to make your frontend compatible for it.

    Alternatively you can spam nonsense like a user agent of "your mama"
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    Stick in some crazy javascript that will update the css. Every hour, it adds (military time) hour * 2% padding-left to some div/all divs.

    Example: 1pm is 1300hrs. 13 * 2 = padding-left: 26%;

    Code only executes if current date is April 1st.
    Push it out, don't let anyone review the code. Cause weird UI, probably some complaints/comments, but no actual functionality impacted
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