Been going interview crazy this week! The Dev rant community has helped me so much I'd like to thank each and everyone of you for helping me finally get running!

Have my first coding test to do today, have to build the attached file and i'm excited to get started! If you spot any pitfuls please let me know!

Thanks you guys so much! Will let you know how I get on!

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    You have to build that?

    And you haven't even got the job yet?

    Ummm... NO!!!

    Careful now, sounds like cheap labour!
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    Is this not a normal front-end test?

    Brief I received:
    "Hello Jake,

    I hope you are well.

    Please find attached an archive with artwork for the test, as we discussed yesterday. 

    You will find a mockup from an outstanding project here at superyachts.com. It is not intended to be responsive, so don’t stress much about that. Use whatever tools you are most comfortable with to get the job done. Bonus points if: a) bootstrap is not used b) minimum of artwork is used for features that can be recreated using CSS. 

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    @jacubsmith No Bootstrap? That's clearly a Bootstrap template of sorts, based on what I can see. And why are they limiting you to not use a CSS framework and that you have to at least include some artwork?

    Smells fishy!
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    I was a little confused as too why he asked me to use no framework! This is going to take up a lot of time which seems excessive for a test but I don't really have a choice! The folder also came with minimal resources (1 svg file)!

    Is this normally how companies test possible junior devs?
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    @jacubsmith I like the don't use bootstrap/jQuery guideline since I feel much the same about boostrap for CSS as I do for jQuery in JS - it's bloat. If you fail at not using bootstrap for a layout that doesn't need to be responsive then this means that your CSS knowledge is very weak.
    Develop solid foundation skills and ditch the dependencies. That's my advice.
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    @jacubsmith btw I had to build a chrome extension for my test, was given a skeleton with jQuery and webpack. Removed jQuery, added some enhancements to the skeleton, built it - couple more interviews and I got the job :)
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    On the one hand I'm with @JonasCodes. On the other I'm going to say to you... Dude! That's going to take forever!

    And I still smell something fishy!
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    This screams free labour....
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    I won't do this kind of stuff, it's a scam hhaha
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    Ive found a live version of the design funnily enough:


    How does this effect your views?
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    Haha I think I'm going to spend a few hours on it regardless, use it as practice! Sucks that there's this kind of people out there! :(
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    I had a similar code test which they said would take an hour. It really brought out the inferiority complex as I looked at it and was like no way is that an hour with no framework and fully responsive. What do they expect you to do for all the image assets?
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    @donkeyScript I'm not sure! All i received was a jpeg so I'm just filling in with images I think fit the brief. Realistically it'll take me a good few hours but practice is practise! If it's not responsive it can't have that much commercial value haha
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    I make applicants do this as well. But I pay them for the time spent regardless if they get the job or not. This is last stage of the interview process for me.
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    So I sent the website that I made off yesterday! I've attached a google drive link to a screenshot of it so you lovely guys and ladies can have a look!

    Haven't heard anything back yet but glad I could accomplish so much in the time limit I set myself. Didn't have time to build the footer or tweak some positioning but i'm happy with the overall effort.

    Thanks for all the help and support amigos!

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    That's awesome man! Good luck!
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