thanks for the idea.

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    Wow... I actually learned from this, that you could name variables while formatting strings...
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    value in ('dick', 'penis',)
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    @Anaeijon with string.format() it looks even better.
    Cannot wait to use f-strings in the real code:)
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    And here I am happy to see I'm not the only Django user on devRant
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    +1 for the humour. But ya don't do it really, it's quite a dick move.
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    @Nexion I use Django too. Django ftw!
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    These messages open your system to enumeration attacks. You shouldn't disclose if a user name exists or not, accept the input and send an email. The email can say "welcome new user" or "someone tried to create an account with your email address"
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    @ReverendLovejoy I believe this was in a registration form. Where each user must save an unique username. Kinda like twitter.
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