Moved a while ago and I didn’t have a tv. By brothers put some money together to buy me a projector for Christmas.

It’s not the best one but great for what I need, it’s portable, dynamic screen size etc..

So earlier this week I bought a PS and lots of games..

Then it started..
speakers don’t work..

Unplug speakers, the integrated ones don’t work either.
Turning it off and on again didn’t help.
Pulled the power plug, after that the speakers worked again but the colours were fucked.. dark became green.
Unplugged power and plugged in again -> same issue.

Reset to factory settings -> colours were good again and internal speakers were fine as well..
plugged in proper speakers and it all started over again😒

I just wanna play splinter cell..

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    And yeah, I’m mixing past sense and present but I don’t give a shite, considering all the pints I’ve had my grammar is actually pretty okay.
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    Had a similar situation, figured out the sound control chip was kaput. Rather than fix it, I just used an intermediary box, a cheap pair of speakers and a headphone preamp to split the sound and video signals.

    Abstract all the things!
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    @SortOfTested but why would the sound chip affect the “display” or whatever it’s called for projectors?
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    Are you overloading the sound with too big of speakers? I have seen this affect whole computers. Do your speakers have their own amp?
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    @Demolishun nah, just small portable Bluetooth speakers.
    Using cable of course.
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    Depends on the interface and the device. I'm assuming PS would be rca in this case.

    I triage with "will it take me more time to triage this device or just use other stuff I already have to make it work reliably?" And go with whatever binary branch is the path of least resistance.
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    Check the ps4 settings, if i remember correctly there are 2 audio outs
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