Corona virus: we will make America great again!

Makes sense, doesn't it?

[this post is not intended to be political - just an observation]

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    actually it doesn't, care to explain?
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    I wouldn't be surprised if USA were the first to release the cure.
    I wouldn't be surprised if USA released the virus in the first place

    - timing (president's cadency is about to end and "saving the world again" would be his ticket to another 4 years)

    - this might have significant impact on China's economy, making USA the winner of the trade war [ NOTE: impact on the States is just beginning, so it might not be considerable after all; too soon to draw conclusions ]

    Again, these are just observations. It is very possible that I'm connecting wrong dots. It's just a thought at the back of my mind, nothing more :)
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    not political, my foot!
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    Ahh cospiracy therotist assemble...
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    For me, the scary part is that we have lost the knowhow on manufacturing so many things.

    We can't be independent from Chinese manufacturing, probably not before investing what could be years of gearing up production capabilities in quite a few areas again.

    So many products in our lives rely either directly or by virtue of their internals on stuff that comes from China.

    Maybe it would make the US (and europe, for that matter) "great again" if chinese production were to collapse, but only after years of turmoil.

    Am I being too pessimistic there?
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    @netikras but there is no such thing as a cure for a virus...
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    @jbrandona119 let's not get all technical, shall we?
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    @netikras I feel like that's an important distinction, especially when accusing governments of globally releasing a deadly virus to get a president re-elected...we don't even have a great vaccination to prevent the typical strains of the flu. Why then would a government release a super flu?
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    @jbrandona119 I am not acusing anyone of anything. Please read my post / comment again if you still think I am. All of it, not just the first sentence.

    And there are no cures for any viruses - yes, you are right. Because viruses are not something to cure. Yada yada - all the technicalities and wording.

    However there are cures for diseases caused by viruses. That's what antiviral drugs are for. That's what I meant by "release the cure". I am sorry if I was not clear enough
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