My boss looks unbelievably similar to a character from the Simpsons.

We have a new guy start, he wants to show his wife how uncanny the resemblance is. So he sends her a picture of him... Except he sent it to our boss by accident, this was his first day on the Job.

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    This rant is useless without a picture...
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    My boss spends a lot of time on Social Media... I dare do that!
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    Is he still working there? And which character was it? It's relevant. ;)
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    My project manager looks a lot like mclovin from superbad, so I set his nickname to that on the chat app we use in the office. Everytime I get him to look at something on my computer, I realize I still have our conversation open and he probably sees his nickname.
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    @CogInTheWheel come on... :)
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    Could you give his the name of said character? We can look it up :)
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    Is he like Mr. Burns?? Comeon throw us a bone here.
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    @theothergod we should just just start naming names and he can ++ the correct one
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