F.lux to keep me going all night long.
Without eye strain :)

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    I'd downloaded it for my phone, needs to be rooted.
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    For android I use Twilight
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    Yeah, I use Twilight for Android as well. It has a few minor downsides (one has to disable it for a minute when permission dialog shows in order to be able to click on any button), but it works reliably, doesn't require rooted phone and it is free.
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    Some monitors have this feature already, it's no flux but definitely helps if you can't install it or don't want to bother with it!
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    @daemon7osh They're supposed to help you with your sleep schedule!
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    Cf.lumen is the hand down best app in this category for Android. Everything else is a waste of battery/time.

    Thanks to Chainfire.
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    Personally, EasyEyes is my Savior.
    Also obligatory thank-you for my first >100 post
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    My phone came preinstalled with Splendid. ASUS.
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    I always use custom roms, and had this feature embedded in the os & activated since android 5
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