Where do y'all go to when you are out of project ideas. At this point I'm out of inspiration

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    I also have other hobbies so being Out of a project idea doesn't mean I'd start to desperately search one
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    Hm, I have ideas, and I'm not sure one would like to take them seriously, but I'll share some with you. One is about contributing to VLC player: add pauses between tracks. Very underrated music feature, which adds to hearing experience imo, and so - I didn't notice it implemented in any open players right now, which is kind of pathetic.
    Your question is quite good, I must say, because, for example, I cannot find any project idea hub in the net to throw your ideas into and let bored developers find those, because... why not?
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    I can't believe people run out of ideas or end projects, I'm constantly coming back and adding new things or finding better ways to do the stuff.
    Why don't you look at a project you are not that proud of and try to improve it?
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