Wooooh more woke shit pls Google

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    Ooooh yea especially whenever it's so woke you're sexist 😍😍
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    @Root I'm sure this is something you'll love lol
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    @Stuxnet You sure she won't end you?

    Actually no she won't, just like her Minecraft house.
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    @Ranchu someone call the firefighters, we've got some major burns over here
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    @Ranchu no she and I have the same thoughts on this subject. We've been over it many times lmao
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    (Fake agenda about women being paid less)
    Everyone: "Women are important"

    (Genuine statistics about male suicide)
    Everyone: 🤷‍♀️ <("eh")
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    @odite we're not allowed to have feelings, remember? C'mon now get with the program. Your mental health isn't actually important dude. Man up.
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    Are you trying to get Catholic priests? Because, that's how you get catholic priests.
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    @Stuxnet I don't mind the first one, but the second looks pretty embarrassing. especially by contrast. I think I have bigger muscles than that 😅

    @Ranchu 🙄 The ridiculous bias in favor of women doesn't help anyone, especially not women. Also, the same people pushing it generally push a very socialist agenda, which I absolutely do not agree with. So yeah, the whole thing makes me pretty angry, but not at Stuxy.

    Also: I've been sick and doing a deathmarch at work! I haven't had the energy to play.
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    @Root gotchu
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    @odite seriously man? I know the efforts so far are not enough, but how many times a day would you like me to ask you "R U OK?".
    We even made a day for it. (Australia, and the rest of the world should adopt that mofo) let's not say "no one" is doing anything. Ofc male suicide is bad and sad and should be stopped, but to ignore the efforts made so far to help the situation won't help either.

    Also, donate clothing to men's shelters, if you actually want to help.
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    @NoMad Completely agree. Was more a joke of how differently real issues and made up ones are handled. Wasn't a statement of what I think to be true.
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    @NoMad - yeah, like asking "R U OK" is going to do the trick


    Nobody dragged Google through shit for male discrimination. Imagine the headlines if it would be the other way around.


    In other news, fighting discrimination with opposite discrimination ain't going to work.
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    @qwwerty what would do the trick? Please, enlighten us!

    While you're at it, male to female suicide ratio worldwide is around 1.7 : 1, except for eastern Europe where this reaches more than 6:1 ratio. (2015 study)
    Another thing these studies show; women actually open up while men can't. That is not because psychotherapists are sexist, but that because of toxic masculinity men just don't go to therapist. Hell, I even had a friend who was torturing everyone around him with his mental health issues but refused to see a therapist because he feared having to take pills. Why do I have to be taxed so much on my sanity because another refuses to get help? I said my peace to him but that friend now has one less friend. Why? Because he's an adult and he can make choices.
    So, don't you think you guys should be working on that toxic masculinity issue rather than blaming others? Just whining about it won't fix shit. And I mean that y'all should advocate for it ASAP, before we lose another one.
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    @Root Also, listen to sabaton.
    When you're pissed, listen to "the final solution".
    Solves all problems.
    For like a minute.
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    @Root you are really awesome in many ways I have noticed 👌 I like you
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    @Ranchu I'm not really a fan of Sabaton. But Amon Amarth is nice sometimes.

    @simulate Thanks! 💛
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    @simulate @Root let's all go party at her place lmfao
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