A few months back, me and my friends built our own Web Dev firm. I'm the one who talk to clients, customers, etc. and these have been the most ridiculous messages I received from them:

1. I don't like it, but I don't know why?

2. I have an idea! Can we change the design?

3. We want something with more of a `wow` factor.

4. Can't you just copy their logo?

5. But we are also a startup. You must understand that we can't pay the full price.

6. So do you have the file open and ready to edit/

7. Can't you just copy and paste it in?

8. We don't have much of a budget but there are plenty of projects coming your way.

These are just a few of the huckleberryfuck our clients sent. I'm not sure if I can handle them anymore.

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    There's a quick read you should consume at this juncture in your business. It deals with some important points on client relationship management, identifying clients that are right for you and when and how to fire clients:

    The trusted advisor

    This one isn't quite as essential, but is also word thinking about:
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    I'd be out of business so fast if I was the one who had to interface with clients like this
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    Some shit I discovered:

    First thing first:
    Up your initial price 50% and offer them 25% discount if "they're not picky about the graphics".

    Rather than creating one logo at a time and iterating endlessly and eventually murdering them, try sending them 10 shitty-ish logos from day one, make them as different as possible, always make sure they somehow reflect the company name. Make them choose the one they like best and within 3-4 iterations you'll be done. Each iteration can be different colors, different font, slightly different shapes, different presentation backgrounds.

    Overall website designs:
    Make them pick one or two websites they like best. They will usually send garbage, so you have to do your thing BUT make sure at least a couple color combos or layout structure are similar to what they sent.

    Remember mainstream clients are usually clueless idiots, no need to get pissed, you know better what they need so just figure a way to shove it down their throats.
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    Also you'll be surprised how a client can accept the same logo they said it was shit the day before if you just change the background you show it to them.

    The way you position the initial proposals also matters. Push the ones you like towards the top left but don't make them first from top/left...more like 2nd.

    Apply a subtle shine effect (think a few pixels) to ONE logo and they will draw attention, possibly get picked.

    This is shit I've discovered over some 12 years of experimenting. Maybe someone can come up with other ideas?
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    I might rage quit at #6....
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    @molaram Underrated advice right there.
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