Why no one knows any library that generates qrcodes in fancy way (custom dots, and logo).
How qr code monkeys do !

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    unless you're in asia there are very few sensible usecases for those data patches. The few are, business cards and 2 factor authentication. For marketing? Don't! Very few take the hassle to take out the phone out of the pocket, open an app, scan the qr code, accept that you will be taken to a unkown website.
    So to answer your question look for chinese QR software.
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    Points for being able to grok that
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    did you even fucking check their website?

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    @heyheni showing a qr code from your screen to a reader is a common use case outside China, and actually convenient. For example, to show a ticket you've purchased or an item you want to buy.

    But I agree with you, scanning a code to land on a web page is more inconvenient than just typing the url.
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    @heyheni in fact i am buildling a coupining/ voucher/ticketing system and enable partneers to have their mobile phone as a scanner.
    On the other side the same platform generates the coupons/voucher etc. But i need to have another look and feel than the regular main-stream qrcode.
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    @yellow-dog yes i ficking read their fucking website.
    But i fucking asked about a fucking library so i can use it in my backend without any third party api.
    I fuckig feel it is not a very "complicated" library and surprised i dont find it in fucking open fucking source.
    But maybe id fucking have to fucking write the fucking code my fucking self !
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    @heyheni My phone just scans QR codes with the camera, and I can open it double clicking the power button, so I do scan QR codes and it takes me 2 seconds at most.
    Of course no one does that but if it is possible, it's sad we don't use QR codes more often...
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