Quantum computing is at least trying to be the next "ML".

People seemed to ignore it over decades but suddenly a few months back, everyone got excited on Google's headline progress.

Later, people realized it is not a big deal and everyone moved on.

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    Quantum computing needs a quantum leap:

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    This weeks thread should be renamed to "dev fads you dont understand"
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    Thing is, they both *have* made important leaps in the last few years or so. But those important leaps are "we can now manipulate qbits in this way" or "we can now use this method to find an optical neural net batch size", etc.

    They're exciting developments if you're in the field, but they're essentially inconsequential for nearly everyone else.
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    @yellow-dog fucking nailed it right in the head
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    @M1sf3t I did not get any of that my man. Elaborate please?
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