I was struggling to make advancements in my task because I was so oriented by the "more code means more work done"... I wasn't producing at all. Now that I grabbed a notebook and a pen and started to think things through, things are finally rolling. Sometimes it's 90% thinking and 10% coding. In addition to that, I can't even write spagetti code after getting a solid concept written in pen. I just hate that I spend so much time thinking until something good comes up. But hey now it's rollinnnnnn.

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    I agree with you. :'D
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    As I've seen posted elsewhere, 'the sooner you start coding, the longer it will take to be finished.'
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    Really? I hate code monkeys. The only respectablly measurable performance of a software engineer is lines removed per commit.

    Was it long before you figured out you're not an overpriced copywriter? If it wasn't long, maybe you didn't make to much damage.
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    @sylar182 words to live by!
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