Github stats:

coworker 1: 3,535k ++ 987k --
coworker 2: 1,563k ++ 735k --
me: 453k ++ 7,848k --

I guess this confirms my job at the company as "Backend Crap Remover".

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    Oh god, this sounds horrible :/
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    Where you see these stats?? 😂🤔
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    @karma Insights -> pulse / graphs on any repository.
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    @bittersweet oh! I thought they were average commit stats... That makes a lot more sense..
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    I've cleared and replaced many of our projects front end libraries, really great way to pump up your numbers ;)
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    For a quick second, I though that was your salary and thought... Jesse, I’m under paid!
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    It's way harder to design a simple system that gets the job done than a simple one. You sir, are a legend and I'd be honored working with you.
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