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    @M1sf3t be nice, you might hurt an ego or two 😅
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    Another reason to be an AMD fangirl/boy
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    Intel's Management Engine strikes again.
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    > amd has these rarely, with intel it's every other month
    oh, ok. 3 weeks or so since the last one?
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    @M1sf3t yeah but like

    intel keeps doing this shit but intel's still super popular for new servers, the ONE THING that shouldn't be intel!
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    While it's bad, it only applies if you have physical access to the device. And attackers shouldn't have physical access anyways.

    Hmm unless you're a government which "legally" took some evidence...

    Hmm but tech companies don't put backdoors in their devices right? RIGHT?
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    @AlgoRythm isn't IME their watchdog?
    The thing that manages code??
    The thing you can INTERACT WITH USING CODE???

    it sounds like intel is trying to make it look like it's something it isn't...
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    @AlgoRythm correction: it only applies to physical access attacks *after a firmware patch to the motherboard*. Otherwise, remote attacks are possible as well.
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    Fuck that noise. Anything is possible but some things are just not feasible.
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